Do you need to clean and run a registry scan?

The registry is a complex database of entries; it stores information about everything on your computer, most importantly the configuration settings and is a vital part for the use with your MS Windows Operating Systems – so important without it, windows would not even run so your computer won’t turn on!

When hardware or software is installed onto your computer, that information is stored into the registry and retrieved as required, example; for computer restarts, computer shutdowns and even third party applications make use of the registry.

The registry is stored on your computer hard drive so is continually running during operation, example: the registry defines what you see on the desktop, when you change your background or add application icons these details are all stored in the registry.

Do you need to clean and run a registry scan?

Absolutely, everyday you use your PC / Laptop the registry starts to fill up with lots of useless keys and corrupt registry files. The filler your registry gets, the slower your computer gets, causing more problems / errors in general, which will cause poor computer performance and registry corruption!

Not only does the registry play a big part in the operation of your system, it stores information profiles for each user and what setting are to be applied, types of documents being used including which hardware exists and the ports you are using.

How to clean and run a registry scan?

Not only do I promote and use a Registry Cleaner Software (low cost – see my website for more details) but I’m such a big believer in the software and the incredible changes it can make when it comes to helping fix up your computer problems that I even named my website after it, EASY and it really is a easy registry cleaner to use!

At this stage, if you are not ready to purchase a windows registry software program, there are a few things you can do easily when it come to cleaning up your registry.

First thing you can do is a Disk Cleanup, with Windows XP, Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disc Cleanup, this will free up space on your computer hard drive and in turn get rid of some of those corrupt registry files.

Next do a Disk Defragmenter, Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disc Defragmenter, It consolidates fragmented files and folders, again freeing up more space on the hard drive, which will help to improve the speed of your computer.

After I spent a good amount of time looking up and researching free windows registry cleaner downloads, I found one called CCleaner (more info & download) it’s a great tool to have and you can even do a full computer scan. After installing the program, click on the registry tab and do a scan, it’s fast so wont take long, then it just a matter of hitting the fix selected issues button > save the backup changes > fix all selected issues – when finish, reboot computer and you should notice a difference with the extra speed of your PC.

I recommend lastly doing free scan (again, see my website for more details), just to make sure that most of the registry errors and corrupt files have gone – if you find only a few problems then you can happily say “my registry is clean”!


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